Cabins & Summer Houses

Much more than just a shed, our cabins & summer houses provide a getaway in your own back yard. Whether an outdoor office or somewhere to catch the evening sun, we can provide the ideal cabin for you.

Cabin C01

18′ x 10′ with PVC windows and a sliding door

Cabin C02

18′ x 18′ with full-length windows and double-doors.

Cabin C03

16′ x 16′ Cabin

Cabin C04

16′ x 10′ Cabin

Cabin C05

10′ x 10′ Cabin

Cabin C06

10′ x 10′ Cabin

Cabin C07

12′ x 6′ Cabin

Cabin C08

12′ x 10′ Cabin

Cabin C09

14′ x 6′ Cabin

Metal Cabin MC01

20′ x 10′ Metal Cabin